Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fusion is Confusion????

Asthana Arts Ah ??? Ennathu athu?? Enna seyyuranunga???....Whats is Asthana Arts??? They are so professional??....Asthana Vaa???

So these are the comments that i have recieved from the so called traditionalist or the purist of Malaysian Indian Classical dance teachers and practioners......
Not to mention personal attacks on me as well. Well, listen here you pathethics kanjipuram saree hypocrites!!!

My definition is clear....Asthana Arts is about Commercial Arts and Performing Arts. If you understand, put down your old paper on dance theory that you have been using for past 20 years and adapt into wikipedia or google to check what is dance is all about in this globalised world.... Do you guys know that there is also You Tube where you can download videos???? And do you India is so advanced in the contemporary dance category....

Fusion is confusion??? ....who are you to judge fusion and contemporary dance when you only know Aadikondar or Alarrippu theikiran 10 thousand times????

This year i am gonna be strong and bulldoze those who comes to my path....which i know you guys are coward to face me but rather comfortable talking behind...... So please concentrate on making Indian arts more visible....DAHLAH INDIA MINORITI DI MALAYSIA, YANG BUAT INDIAN PERFORMING ARTS LAGI MINORITI....IF YOU DONT RESPECT AND SUPPORT YOUR CULTURE NO ONE WILL DO.....

Time to continue my MC Breakfast with Dev at Taipan Subang!!!!

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