Thursday, October 29, 2009


The river god Cephissus long had his eyes on the lovely nymph Leiriope. And, being a god, he got his wish and Leiriope in time grew heavy with child. On the fated day a boy was born to her, and being curious about what the future held in store for him she went to ask the blind seer Teiresias about his fate. "He will live a long life," said the wise man "but beware that he not set eyes upon his own reflection, for it will be his doom." His mother made sure that all the mirrors were safely put away, and he grew healthy and strong, and more beautiful that any other boy in the land. So often did people tell him how handsome he was that he began to think he must be someone really special.

Many were those who fell in love with the beautiful lad. Even when he was a baby his nurses swooned over him, and by his sixteenth year every man and woman in town pined for him. None of them however were good enough for him, he felt. One day his neighbor, Ameinias, could stand it no longer, and told Narcissus how much he longed for him, and asked him to be his lover. Narcissus said nothing, but merely sent a servant to deliver a dagger in response. Ameinias understood the meaning of the 'gift,' and with that dagger took his own life, calling down the wrath of the gods upon Narcissus, and cursing him to ever meet in love the same disdain that he had for others.

Echo was a mountain nymph who had once served Zeus by distracting Hera with meaningless chatter whenever she came close to where the Thunderer was compromising his marriage vows. Echo's prattle gave Zeus's guests sufficient time to make their exits. When Hera discovered the wily goddess's ruse, she flew into a rage: "Henceforth that evil tongue will silent be! Except when spoken to, you shall not speak at all and then but brief noises."

And so when Echo came upon Narcissus one morning as the youth was struggling with a deer he had just netted, she could only gaze and not speak. And gaze is what she did. Even among the deathless gods she had never seen his like. Hot desire coursed through her veins. How she longed to seduce the handsome youth with honeyed words, but she moved her lips in vain.

Narcissus sensed her eyes upon him. "Who's there?" he called out.
-"There," answered Echo, who could only repeat what was spoken to her.
-"Let me see you" said the boy.
-"See you," said Echo.

Momentarily intrigued, Narcissus then shouted, "What are you called?"

-"You called," the nymph replied. Then, unable to contain her ardor, she burst from her cover and threw herself, hot and panting, upon the beautiful youth. Not unused to such behavior, Narcissus quickly freed himself from her embrace and fled posthaste deeper into the forest, leaving his nets behind.

Echo followed after, trying to call out to calm his fears, disarm him, but no sounds came. The youth soon disappeared from her sight. For weeks the nymph wandered the forest in search of her beloved, sleeping little, eating nothing. She became so thin that before long there was nothing left of her at all that an eye could discern. To this day she wanders mountains the world over, still looking for Narcissus. The rocky canyons and deep valleys are her home. One can call out to her, and if she is home, she will answer but only with the words first spoken to her. By decree of Hera she can do no other.

One afternoon, within a month of his escape from Echo, in a secluded woods higher up Mount Helicon Narcissus fell to his knees, exhausted from hunting and being hunted. In front of him was a deep, clear pool, the glassy surface of which so caught the light through the trees overhead as to become a perfect mirror.

Narcissus had seen his shadow many times but never his reflection, Thus, when he leaned forward on his hands and knees and peered into the pool, he was startled by the image of unsurpassed beauty peering back at him. No face he had ever seen was like the one he now studied. For the first time in his life he fell in love.

He brought his face down closer to kiss the youth and reached into the pool to embrace him. His lips and arms found only water. Although he quickly withdrew, the reflection was for a moment broken by ripples in the water. Thinking his beloved had fled from him as he himself was wont to do, Narcissus began to weep. Presently, though, the ripples died down, and the beautiful face again appeared. "Do not leave me, oh handsome friend," he pled. "Stay, my love."

Again Narcissus reached down to touch the form in the water; again the image blurred when his hand broke the surface. Certain now his true love was forever lost to him, he tore at his hair and drew his nails slowly down across his throat. When he relented and the waters again cleared, the dear face reappeared, now battered and disheveled. The sight pained him, and he wept.

Helios's chariot finished its trek across the sky, gray night stole over the forest, but Narcissus did not stir. Nothing mattered to him save the elusive youth in the pool. Dawn's first light found him gazing intently into the water's clear depths. The face that slowly appeared was haggard and distraught. He reached his hand into the water to caress that cheek now most dear, and his frustrations of the day before were renewed.

"I love you! I love you!", he shouted a thousand times into the pool. The face, like Echo's, moved its mouth but made no sound. Unwilling, unable to leave the pool's edge, Narcissus at length died there, his once beautiful countenance now twisted and grotesque. Mountain nymphs found him and would have buried him; but as they were preparing for the funeral, his body vanished, and where it lay a flower bloomed with golden petals tinged with white.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My beloved's face is forgotten....

a poem from the great Bharathi....

aasai mugam marandhu poachchae - idhai
yaaridam solvaenadi thoazhi
naesam marakkavillai nenjam - enil
ninaivu mugam marakkalaamoa

My beloved's face is forgotten - to
whom shall i convey this my firend?
The heart hasnt forgotten his love,
can the face be forgotten
kannil theriyudhoru thoatram - adhil
kannanazhagu muzhidhillai
nannu mugavadivu kaanil - andha
nalla malarch chirippaik kaanoam

In my eyes is an image - but
his splendour isnt complete,
when i recollect his face - that
enchanting smile is not there

thaenai marandhirukkum vandum - olich
chirappai marandhuvitta poovum
vaanai marandhirukkum payirum - indha
vaiyam muzhudhumillai thoazhi

A bee that forgot the honey - or
a flower that forgot its radiance,
or a crop that forgot the rain - are
Not there in this whole world, my friend

kannan mugam marandhupoanaal - indha
kangalirundhu payanundoa
vannap padamumillai kandaayainini
vaazhum vazhiyennadi thoazhi
If they forgot his face - what
is the use of these eyes, my friend,
I dont even have his portait - then
how am i to live my friend

Deepak Chopra's Desire

Every single line of this poem is so deep in its meaning...its not only about human relationship but also spritual love. I wish to choreograph a sufi dance on this one day...presenting to you ..


A lover knows only humility,
he has no choice.
He steals into your alley at night,
he has no choice.
He longs to kiss every lock of your hair,
don't fret,he has no choice.

In his frenzied love for you, he longs to break the chains of his imprisonment,
he has no choice.

A lover asked his beloved:
Do you love yourself more than you love me?
Beloved replied: I have died to myself and I live for you.
I've disappeared from myself and my attributes,
I am present only for you.
I've forgotten all my learnings,
but from knowing you I've become a scholar.
I've lost all my strength, but from your power I am able.
I love myself...I love you.I love you...I love myself.
I am your lover, come to my side,
I will open the gate to your love.
Come settle with me,
let us be neighbours to the stars.
You have been hiding so long,
endlessly drifting in the sea of my love.
Even so, you have always been connected to me.
Concealed, revealed, in the unknown, in the un-manifest.
I am life itself.
You have been a prisoner of a little pond,
I am the ocean and its turbulent flood.
Come merge with me,
leave this world of ignorance.
Be with me, I will open the gate to your love.
I desire you more than food or drink
My body my senses my mind hunger for your taste
I can sense your presence in my heartalthough
you belong to all the world
I wait with silent passïon for one gesture one glance
from you.

Friday, October 23, 2009

There is only one master in dance........

Master can we move here??? Master should we do this??? Master should we change??? Master should we eat???

Well now these days in Malaysia, especially Indian Commercial Dance scene, if you can coordinate two three dance steps, you will be given the title master...They regard themselves as choreographer and expect their fellow dancers to call them as Master....
Well let me give the definition of choreography here:

Choreography is the art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form, or both are specified. Choreography may also refer to the design itself, which is sometimes expressed by means of dance notation. The word choreography literally means "dance-writing" from the Greek words chorea and writing. A choreographer is one who creates choreographies.

The term choreography first appeared in the American English dictionary in the 1950s.Prior to this, movie credits used various terms to mean choreography, such as "ensembles staged by" and "dances staged by".

Coming back so called Masters.....
These is the scenario
1) watch a movie, imitate the moves, tadaa its a choreography
2) Watch other groups, imitate the move, its another choreography
3) Go on stage , do syok sendiri dance, another choreography.

So where the heck these masters came from??? Aswara??? Temple of Fine Arts?? UM or UKM pusat kebudayaan???
Nope actually, these are the people who used to dance in schools and colleges. They dont have any basic in dance form, either classical or contemporary. Never heard of West End Production or Broadways.....

I have seen them so comfortable of what they do....One even had her dance T shirt printed with name as The lamelah.....

For you be recognised as choreographer you dont have to make others to call you one......we are not in India where dancers are engaged fulltime for 900 over films in a year...They can afford to have a dance master...but in Malaysia, Nee enna appadi perisa senjuttha???? 2 or 3 weddings shows per year??? some rundown events at Dewan Orang Ramai Bandar Tun Razak???

For me to be a master its an evolution ...from a dancer ( Revathy Sutra, Manju Fine Arts, Tina Asthana, Segar Era) to choreographers ( Radhimalar Sutra, Shankar TFA, Laksman Aswara, ) to an artistic director ( Ramli Ibrahim Sutra, Roopalavanya, Pamela Laya, Indran Era, Gayathri Dance Exchange)...and there are many more. So it takes not only one journey but few to improve yourself in dance and performing arts world..... and to get the due recognition....

A choreographer does only think about dance, but the dancers, the welfare , the brand, the attitude, the presentation and more.....So there are some dungus, who thinks they can choreograph, then they can be par to MJs choreography .....
Let me share...last 11th October, Asthana did an opening and three more dance item for Swan Stage Productions Deepavali event at Sivic Centre PJ. As usual the Asthana did the creative fusion Mahaganapathy, first time choreography for Colonial Cousin's song, MJ medley and Jai Ho....Then there was this another group...It seem the leader did so many local film choreographies.....With their DIVA attitude, the group did tried something on stage...infact the leader was bit snobbish with " rajasthan mix slovakian" english slang.....

Then this particular artist sang a spanish song....Ok what comes into ur mind when you think of Spain...tango??? Salsa??? Meringue??? Well what this team did, is some short Micheal Jackson's triller movement....ayo kadavale.....Yo Hablar Espanol Senor !!!!!...Thats not the way...worst part is the girls are wearing RM25 ringgit gown from Petaling Street...... to showcase Spain???

So where did they go wrong???? The dance, the genre, the message or again THE SYOK SENDIRI element??? Neway the so called Master was quite happy for what he have presented to the audience.... i say that was pathetic....

Being exposed to Indian Classical both in Sutra and TFA, Contemporary with Anthony, Malay Dance at UPM, Chinese, Commercial types of genres and attached as masters student in performing arts specialising in dance at UM...In fact how many out there can do Labanotation in dance??? LABA WHAT??? Well its dance writing techniques similar to music score....
Events and functions ....Solla theveyillei...From Award ceremonies- ITFA, IFF, to concerts - Astro Talents Quests, Konsert Suria, Raaga Concerts, From grand launchings - Global Indian Festival, tonnes of wedding events, showcases, production, done it. infact a recipient of Asian Youth Ambassador Award and nominee of the upcoming The Outstanding Young Malaysia Award ....Devised the syllabus and juggles three university's co curriculum , did talks on performing arts and the artistic director of Asthana Arts.....and if anyone calls me Master, first thing i tell them to call me Ravi Shanker....because i feel the word "master" is too high and overqualified for me to be addressed at....just Ravi Shanker....

There is only one master in dance.....

Aangikam Bhuvanam Yasya,
Vaachikam Sarva Vaangmayam,
Aharyam Chandra Tharadi,
Thum Numah Saat vikam Shivam...

You, whose limbs are the universe,
You, the originator of all speechess,
You , who adornment of moon and stars,
You are the truth.....


i cant dance to your beat...if can, you dance to my beat.

Quite interesting qoute isnt it?? Well this is not about a qoute on dance??? Its about a attitude showcased by a young lad to me....He is the one pronounce these words.... A 20 something young exec....working some where in Sunway...He looks presentable...

So to make long story short, Asthana decided to send a team for Astro's dance competition. After cracking our head Sherina came up with the name Swastika Asthana. They managed to go through the audition. After that, a dancer withdrew himself from Swastika Asthana before the heats recording, we managed to get this young boy in to the team.....He came for the briefing and we thought everything was fine.....until he showcased his true colour....

1) He comes for class with jeans and working attire
2) Handphones is his best friends
3) Looks down on other peoples choreography
4) Despise indian???

Well, the first issue was highlighted to him . A second chance was given still he did the same. Lets look at other dancers in various dance institution. Istana Budaya, TFA, Dua Space, Kwang Tung, etc. The dancers are very disciplined to use attire that is proper for practice. Palazzo pants, tights, track bottom, dance sarees. You Name it. A dancer should be disciplined of what they wear in the class. Our body is temple or Sariram. The Talent is the divinity in us. The Temple should not be currupted with unwanted decorations. For our macha here is bout his lifestyle....his attitude...his fashion...." Iam comfortable with what i wear" he strictly reiterated to me...fine...i have to let go because he is an outsider with a rebelious culture that i cant mould him now.

The handphones stuffs is big headache. Whenever a dancer touches the dance floor, the attention and focus should be in the dance. But that not the case here. This is not the culture in this cyberage society. Not only him there are others who do this in universities and my own studio. Well no point of blaming him alone..

A choreographer has the responsibility of bringing out the best in the dancers. From the rasa, angasutha, nitta and nritya . This does not only apply for classical dance but also to any other genre of dance . Mr. A being a choreographer of his own ( surprising he cant even do a proper contemporary movement), conveniently changes the style of the dance when the actual choreographer not this case , my own studio manager. He orders others when he himself is not a perfect dancer.....well bro , u can do this with any other group but not us....we look into creativity here, not any Indian Kutthu movements. Kutthu is actually a bit harsh word for those syok sendiri folk based dances with bit of headbanging concept. Thats my opinion yo.

"You guys too much indian....stop thinking like an Indian" are a typical indian....This young lost boy from civilisation have labeled me and asthana dancer being too much indian....Very daring ah???? If thats the case, what do you call those dancers who only know about Indian Modern and Folk, Prabhu Deva and Master Kala are the only choreographers in this universe they know, Vijay & Shreya are great dancer, make costumes out Fully synthetic sequined materials with gawdy colours, striking blue eye shadows for yellow thaipusam colored costume....For me Asthana comes with creative and fashionable choreography.....Look at the Statues of Kajhouraho, The kalinga Traders, Suvarbhumi, Panchasunthara the production.....Half of the Indians out there might be wondering what are these alien words as they so much submerged into Indian Cinematic era.....Our Macha here is neither Wade Robson nor Martha Graham's grandson ....or Shobana's brother nor Kalakshetra graduate....So for him is about MTV or Channel V that he gets to peek at any mamak shop and refers that as cool stuffs .....for him to be proud of.....My experience as Promotions Producer and pioneer team for Malaysia 1st English Music Channel Astro Hits. Tv do let me to look at the Western World Nearer. Well i dont have to be Snoop Dogg or Justin Timberlake....its about techniques and dance style dude...Being Indian is very subjective....There are typical Indians, There are middle income indians, and of course the elite. Macha belongs to the category :Being American Born Indian. Can you get the acronym???? I will write about this another day on Indians who are hypocrites about their race, culture and arts. How many Indian knows about the Mohenjo Daro or Harrapa, Sillapathikaram, the Rama's many things of them dont know of what are they being ignorant of....So our Macha here is not as fair as Prince Charles, or has Micheal Bolton blond hair . But one thing for sure he has fake English Slang ??? Sounds like some Rajasthan mix Slovakian Language...How many of us are familiar with these kind of characters??? I bet we have met some of them.

Well, if anyone are into anything , it should come from their heart. Even in work, in life, in dance .....

From the Natya Shastra, a text on the arts, this beautiful quotation and translation was often quoted by Chitresh Das:

"Yato hasta stato drishti"..."Where the hand is, the eyes follow"
"Yato drishti stato manaha"..."Where the eyes go, the mind follows"
"Yato manaha stato bhava"..."Where the mind is, there is the feeling"
"Yato bhava stato rasa"..."Where the feeling is, there is mood"

Our friend here and lots of performing artists still missing these links......
So, Being American Born Indian, Asok conveniently send a SMS that he is withdrawing from the team one day before the competition. How professional??? This was expected but did waste our timing moulding this log. I was not dissapointed in fact happy that he quit because of his cowardness. Afraid of his failure. Because not all performing artist can withstand the challenges ....

So our back up plan worked and we moved on . In fact the ambience was better in the group. After all the hard work, the team now is in the finals of Aattam 100 Vagai.....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Its time to fly....on your own......

I was with one of my friend last night....just say his name is NK, a young indian boy. Recently he lost his motorbike where is it was only mode of transport for his dance classes....
After 4 years being in this famous dance group, he decided to leave the group....reason varies and there are certain reason only known to him...

He is not a classical dancer...he does all these folk and modern dance for indian audience....there has been never a place that he never danced...every where from, carnival, clubs to grand ballroom to tv recordings....i ve seen his moves..well cordinated, sleek and energetic...." Anna , i have been a fulltime dancer for past 4 years and what i get is mere 200 - 300 a month. How can i survive with this...because of this dissatisfaction NK fought with his mother....and until now they are not in talking term.
This is a story of passion into dance was taken advantage by some quarters. If you look at this well established group, they have been performing for big events and goverment function since 1980s...They earn....they have their own premise at Klang....Thousand of Ringgits are spents on costumes......but treating your dancer is such way is not right......

NK shared that he used to survive with few Ringgits and share meal with his dance friends....pity....sometimes he dont even have money and shy to ask from his dance master......but isnt it your hard earned money???

What NK was earning is equal a three dance performance for any Malay Carma dancer. He does more than 12 events a months....that excluding the double shows on weekends and shootings for Tamil movies.....
Education does play an important role...NK is not really educated...infact only managed up to form 2. Now he is 20 year old young boy. No education, no other skill, just dance...This is the techniques for the owner of the group...take the uneducated, teach them dance, show them the glamour world, give them cool costumes, beautiful make up etc.....keep them as your fulltime dancer and pay them wont be wrong if say " Modern day slavery....This reminds me of Ring Master and The Circus Animals.....If you want to be the next Nayanthara or Vijay, the only escapism is dance for some of our young indian youths.....negleting studies, family and social life....but when the times come then they understands and its way too late.
This boy couldnt take it anymore...sadly how far a Indian modern dancer in Malaysia can go up on his own??? Even a choreographer for Janet Jackson or Beyonce will find an hard time finding any job in choreography in Malaysia....
I went to his house for Deepavali. He, his younger brother and mum stays in a 2 room small house...quite decent house for three of them. But its the ends meet that matters...The Electricity bill, rental, food etc etc etc. How much you can settle with the meagre income in Shah Alam a metropolitan city????
" Anna, Benji said that he is gonna get me chance with a India based dance group...." said the naive NK. Benji is a local star....Ok, so are you gonna depend only on Benji for your future??? Arent you gonna look for any other alternative??? In this world we are responsible for our life....not anyone else.....
I asked him what you want to do??? He is not sure......Yesterday he was a star entertaining people and today he is nothing....where is he gonna go???
" NK, you are already a good dancer, now excel to become a choreographer , get your own people and start to do something. From there built a name for yourself. " i said to him last nite. At least thats wat i can tell him...Of course too late for him to continue back his education....or the best thing is to take up other skill that may help him....
While driving back home, Dev my fellow dancers was beside me. " You know what Dev, we should have brand of own self....When you look at Era or Temple of Fine Arts, you dont recognise the name of the dancer. Its the name of the organisation matter. True enuff, thats their corporate culture and we cant blame them...But in Sutra or Asthana the importance of dancer's identity is given....From here as an individual the development to the next level is opened.....I dont expect Asthana dancers to be there forever and be a dancer forever....they need to go and rise their wings...." Amam Ravineh....Namma studiole ellorum yethavathu onnu seinjukitthu irukkanga. Sasi, Naren, Thina studies pannaranga....Kunakku bridal theriyum, nantha kuda manasu vaccha oru hair saloon seyyalam, ellarukkum oru thaniya skill allathu education irukku....( You right Ravine, Everyone in our studio has something in their hand, look at sasi, Naren Thina, they studying, Kuna knows bridal, Nantha can open up a saloon if he puts his heart in..) said Dev.....

Dev is such talented boy that i have in this studio....He is a upcoming choreographer, can sings, very good writer, he can do announcing, Mcing, actor....everything that a performing artist shud his age of 21, he thinks beyond his age. He is pursuing his studies in audio engineering and working part timed in a editing company. Sometime i see the myself in his age i was like him....running around like mad dog, UPM, Akademi TV3, work at KLIA, be a project director for University events, a dancer , a choreographer etc. All these without my parents...on my own....i dont know where i got the energy from....actually it is the fury that shud not fall back in my community...being Indian, being dark, being Tamil, being an orphan, ....i have to be exceptional.....i learnt to the harsh condition....

Well in NK's have been in cage all these while, now the sky is yours...its time to fly.......i will continue to write......


We have heard about the Pancha Paandavas….The 5 great warriors of Mahabaratha…And how about Pancha Bootha?…The Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Sky co existing together for the harmonious life…The 5 coloured 5 Pancha Varma parrot mesmerizes the onlooker….Now comes the Pancha Sunthara…The 5 young men. spreading the message on community in choreography….Asthana Arts Kuala Lumpur, for the first time brings together 5 friends into a production that rare to be seen by KLites….comprising new age fusion Indian dance incorporating Kathak, Bharathanatyam, Odissi, Contemporary, Jazz and Ballet, is a creative ideas that the new age Malaysian should look at.

Pancha Sunthara’s

Ravi Shanker – Graduated from UPM in Bachelor Arts in English, and currently pursuing his studies in Masters in Performing Arts at UM, has 10 years experience from choreographing stage, TV and Concerts. The finalist of The Malaysian Dream Awards, Ravi Shanker’s persistent in arts never stopped even his corporate days in a Broadcasting Company. Currently he is the Artistic Director, the leading Indian fusion dance company , Asthana Arts and as well teaches as partime lecturer in UPM, UM and UKM for the subjects of Indian Classical Dance. Ravi Shanker’s passion in dance was ignited in Temple of Fine Kuala Lumpur under the tutelage of Srimathi Geetha Shankaran Lam. Later Ravi Shanker ventured to Orissa India explore the Art of Odissi with Guru Gajendra Panda.

Laxman Balakrishnan – Lex as is fondly known, is one of the fine quality dance choreographers that can be found in Malaysia. The graduate of Akademi Seni budaya dan warisan kebgsaan ( Aswara) Lex have explored variety of dance genres and choreographies in his young age. He was part of Ismail The Last Days, Tunku The Musical, Sirah Junjungan, Race, Citra and Kaki Blue. His Choreography includes Ababil Aswad, Black Body, Black Draft. Lex is basically a bold choreographer working with contemporary and new age genre highlighting social issue in the community. Lex is also the Asistant Artistic Director with Asthana Arts Kuala Lumpur.

Kunaratnam – Kuna started his Indian Classical Dance of Bharathanatyam at The Temple of Fine Arts Kuala Lumpur and Lassya Arts of Guruvayur Usha Rama Chandran. Kuna who have completed his Arangetram last July, his also well chiselled modern and folk dancer. He has been actively involved with Era dancers performing for events and production. In Asthana Arts, Kuna’s role as studio manager has moulded him to a dancer with a management skills. Kuna have represented Malaysia to Indian, Germany and Thailand promoting Indian Classical Dance.

Rama – Rama’s exploration in Indian dance started in his fine age of 7. From his hometown Banting, he travels to Kuala Lumpur to learn Bharathanatyam with Guruvayur Usha Rama Chandran of Lassya Arts. He is a dancers, choreographer, designers, props maker, make up artist and everything that a creative person that should have. Rama has his owqn school at Banting teachning them Bharathanatyan from beginners stage to advance level. Apart from that , Rama have entered Aattam 100 Vagai dance competition and emerged as winner under the banner of Era. Currently Rama is the resident choreographer of Asthana Arts and exploring on the fusion side of dance.

Lawrence – Graduting from Information Technology from PTPL, he gained the knowledge of Odissi from The Temple of Fine and Sutra Dance Theatre. Later he progressed with Guru Gajendra Panda, Guru Dhurga Charan Ranbir and Dr. Chandrababu. Lawrence have performed locally and internationally. Currently Lawrence is In House Instructors of Asthana Arts Kuala Lumpur. The


Metrosexual Mayura

The crows being black in nature....tries to imitate the move of peacock...The peacock...with long lustrous feathers...with majestic walk.....explores the world with confidence....It get all its attention....the human being admires its gracefulness, the beautiful body and the dance...unlike the crow..ugly, dirty, being used, pathetic voice , despised because of its colour...yet the crow stands on its feet’s struggling to survive ...will it??? If you are beautiful and colour is different, you make the world to praise you...How bout us?? Black, low, unwanted, last in list....

The Chakkar lady

I wait here in this room,make sure when you come in..bring me more of what i desire to me with gold and silver.,pour to me pearls and diamonds...dont you want to touch my body that is bejewelled with your care and passion...till then my love to you i shall never give it you...more you surrender to my need, the more love that you get .


Contemporary love has different priorities. We believe that longer the love more is the pain of separation and hence more is the suffering. By the fear of future suffering many never are able to start loving in the very first case. And things are worse in case of marriage! People keep on thinking that they have all the time of a life-time; they take each-other for granted. And again the result is that they can never start living and loving.

Black File

Black File: No one Know WHAT really happen…HOW many are there in the list…WHERE it happened….WHO did it???/ And WHY??? Black File....remains unopened....remains a mystery

My forefathers came to this land…seeking the new life…new meaning….today I am the third generation….Life was so simple….but now is moving fast …everything changes. Is it Gucci or Kanchipuram? Is it Cappuchino or Chaya? TGV? GSC? How can I fit into this?


My salutations to both Parvathi and Shiva,
To Her who has black hairs resembling the swollen cloud,
To Him who has copper matted locks which are like lightning,
To Her who is the goddess of the mountains,
And to Him who is the Lord of the universe.

My salutations to both Parvathi and Shiva,
To Her with glittering ear rings of gems,
To Him who wears a great serpent as ornament,
To Her who is the darling of Lord Shiva,
And to Him who is the sweetheart of Parvathi.

My salutations to both Parvathi and Shiva,
To Her wearing garland of sweet smelling flowers,
To Him wearing the garland of skulls,
To Her who dresses in great silks,
And to Him wearing the eight directions.

My salutations to both Parvathi and Shiva,
To Her whose body is smeared with musk and saffron,
To Him whose body is smeared with ashes of the burning ghat,
To Her whose prettiness radiates love,
And to Him who destroyed the God of love.

My salutations to both Parvathi and Shiva,
To Her whose feet is adorned by the lotus offered to her,
To Him whose feet is decorated by the anklet of snakes,
To Her who is as shining as the moon,
And to Him who wears moon as an ornament.
My salutations to both Parvathi and Shiva,
To Her whose dance marks the creation of the world,
To Him whose dance destroys everything,
To Her who has even number of eyes,
And to Him who has odd number of eyes.

My salutations to both Parvathi and Shiva,
To Her who has eyes as wide as the blue lotus,
To Him who has eyes as wide as a fully opened lotus,
To Her who is the mother of the universe,
And to Him who is the father of the universe.

My salutations to both Parvathi and Shiva,
To Her who is the beginning , middle and end,
To Him who sees east, west and all directions
To Her towards whom everything travels,
And to Him , in whom all things meet their end

Oh Re Piya in Kathak

This is a song from Aja Nachle composed by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. I was touched when i saw this particular song , where Nostalgic period of Madhuri Dixit being a naive young girl, going for dance classes with her Guru, falling in love with a foreign journalist , the objections from family etc...

Check out the lines has it has deep meaning and the music is mesmerizing.


o re piyaa haaye o re piyaa...
(O beloved...)

uRne lagaa kyon man baawlaa re
(Oh, why did my crazy soul begin to fly?)
aayaa kahaa.n se yah ho.nslaa re
(Oh, where did this courage come from?)
o re piyaa o re piyaa haaye
(O beloved...)

taanaa-baanaa taanaa-baanaa buntii hawaa haaye buntii hawaa
(The breeze teases and taunts me, oh, the breeze plays havoc with me.)
buu.nde.n bhii to aaye nahii.n baaz yahaa.n
(Even the raindrops won't shower here again.)
saazish me.n shaamil saaraa jahaa.n hai
(The whole world is part of the intrigue.)
har zarre zarre ki yah intezaar hai
(I never stop waiting.)

o re piyaa
(O beloved!)
o re piyaa haaye o re piyaa haaye
(O beloved...)
o re piyaa
(O beloved!)

ni re re re ga ga ga ma ma ma pa pa ma ga re sa sa re re sa ga ga re ma ma
ga pa pa ma dha dha pa ni ni sa sa pa pa sa ma pa dha ni sa ni re ni sa sa sa...
[Notes in Indian classical music.]

nazare.n bole.n duniyaa bole
(The glances are telling, the world is telling)
dil kii zabaan haaye dil kii zabaan
(the story of my heart, oh, the story of my heart.)
ishq maa.nge ishq chaahe koii tuufaan
(Love prays, love wishes for a hurricane.)
chalnaa aahiste ishq nayaa hai
(A new love slowly walks in.)
pahalaa yah waadaa ham ne kiyaa hai
(This is the first promise we gave.)

o re piyaa haaye o re piyaa haaye
(O beloved...)
o re piyaa piyaa
(O beloved, beloved.)
yah piyaa
(This beloved.)

na.nge pairo.n pe a.ngaro.n chaltii rahii haaye chaltii rahii
(You were stepping on burning charcoal barefoot, oh, you kept walking.)
lagtaa hai ke gairo.n me.n me.n paltii rahii haaye
(Oh, it seems that you were brought up among strangers.)
le chal wahaa.n jo mulk teraa hai
(Take me to your country.)
zaahil zamaanaa dushman meraa hai haaye
(Oh, the cruel world is my enemy.)

o re piyaa haaye o re piyaa haaye...
(O beloved...)

The Nine Emotions in You

Navarasa in YOU…..
In Shringhara, I found my passion in YOU,
In Hasya, it is the joy that YOU & I share together,
In Karuna, YOU taught me compassion to those around me,
In Bhibitsa, when others despised me being with YOU,
In Veera, it is the valor made me stay truth to YOU in whatever circumstances, In Bhayanaka, I still had the fear of losing YOU each day,
In Rudra, it is fury in me to live & explore further with YOU,
In Arputha, an ecstasy, I cherished the moment I found YOU in me,
Finally YOU gave me Shantha,
The peace that I long for…it is YOU to be with me forever……MY DANCE…..

When indians dont appreciate their own arts, why bother about indian rights??

Well, its 4 something in the morning and thought of writing of what i had in my mind....around 11 pm came back from Serdang after cordinating the Indian Classical Dance Classes... I have been teaching indian classical dance in three major universities in Klang Valley...As usual the mudra's, navarasa, the adavus etc etc.... Most of my students are either Chinese or Malay followed by small number of Indian students....The Non Indians do come for classes , do extra works on internet and use proper attire for class. No complains. Now when it comes to Indian Girls, they feel they know everything about dance... One always busy with her handphone smsing .... One comes to class with jeans or trousers..... One blurs when Alaypayuthey Kanna abhinaya when a sarawakian chinese girls can sing and dance at the same time. Sir what time i time can go back asks one because the next day she has exam....arent the Chinese and Malay students have exam on the next day??? Arent they are there to finish the dance choreography??? Every semester we see, Indian Students taking everything so light in the dance class..... Then there are so called Mayats. They dont take part in any activities,neither join Indian Dance Cocurriculum. Eventually these are the hypocrites who "konon" want to "memupuk semangat perpaduan " and " memelihara seni dan budaya India" via their annual concerts in Universities....Well dancing for Silambattam " Where is Party" and Kanthaswamy " En Peru Meenakumari" songs are some sort of Budaya they see in their eyes. We cant run away from these commercial genres but what happens to other part of the Indian heritage that was build in centuries by our forefathers when they came to this land.... Now three main Universities are offering Indian dance under the co curriculum section, but the so called Indians who are proud of the Indian root rather click to register for easier co curriculum subject rather than learning what is Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi or Kathak. At one point i asked why not Indian Dance??? Her Reply " Nolah Senior, couldnt concentrate if dance...." I asked myself, so you are getting 4 flat each semester for not being active in cocurriculum ??? Arent these people understand about dance energizes you mind .....Dont Temple of Fine Arts has dancing doctors??? I even have corporate communication friend who does Salsa and Latin.... At one university, due to factions of anti and pro raggers, the partisans cant meet eye to an eye and both loose out taking Indian Classical dance in another height. The victim is the arts itself.When the Malay Artis Budaya perform indian dance, the question is "Yen Tamizhan Illaya namma dance seyya??"...Mutha Kaariyum nee vanthataane..... How long we gonna keep hitting the Kolattam Stick for every single opening of the universitis Malam Kesenian??? I feel the word kesenian itself is being prostituted by the so called seniors and followed by the freshmans. And there is this scenario,every semester the pengarah persembahan of the concerts will call " Sir Engalukku Indian Cultura patri nalla opening dance venum, creative ah venum" Oklah, i agree and create all these beatiful openings events such As Techno Tillana, Velli Chalaingkal, Vande Mataram, The Shiva Shakti Dance, Om Namashivaya etc etc....but after a period i feel, these dance are only there to compliment the event for beginning and no one appreciates end of the day . Ithuellam Kalakshetra and Swarnamalaya Story. I write this another day. So now i have decided that if Indian dont appreciate Indian Dance, I am not gonna choreograph for any University concerts......pull stop.... Now let the senate of the universities take out Indian Classical dance from its co curriculum subject....Is this where the so called politician and Indian Based NGOs comes after the administration of Universities??? Another Indian Language Department case in UM? issue to pop it in Tamil Nesan and Makkal Osai??? You know what, Indian Dance Subject is not only for Indian but also for the pride of such paper should be also more with Indian students and be pro active.....but thats not the case here....And there are small numberIndian students that are very supportive of Indian Arts in UM, UPM and UKM. Thank You Girls. For Simple arts cant be appreciated by us, how we gonna appreciate what we have in Malaysia....Every day we are seeking for Indian rights, be it in politics , social and welfare.....but are we appreciting with what we have already to ask more????