Saturday, July 2, 2011

Divas & Devas

In each of us there is a DIVA and there is the DEVA....

Asthana Arts 6th production collaborating with SG Production with the Artistic Direction of Lam Ghooi Ket, we present to you ....

10 choreographers, 10 ideas, 10 stories in Divas n Devas...
featuring indian classical, fusion, contemporary and dance drama in 10 different perspective....

Divas n Devas presents -
Nimal Raj( Mystic Creation - The 16 faceted Genesha ),
Geethashankaran Lam (Geethashankarandance - Odissi Odyssey),
Chandrika ( Sai Performing Arts - The Shakti ), Rithaudeen (Universiti Malaya - Ecodi),
Lex Laksman ( KLpac - Devadasis),
Indrani ( Indrani Dance Academy - Yasodha ), Komathi ( Athiradee dance studio - The Perspective n The Pessimist ),
Ravi Shanker (Asthana Arts - Love at the first sight ),
Lavanya ( Asthana Arts - The Thandava)
Sharan (Asthana Arts - Bahucarya , my mother ).

Also featuring guest dance artiste Win Thang from France.

I am diva I am deva,
I am the feminine.
I am the masculine.
I am one and I am both.
My darkness can be trying.
My lightness can be blinding.
But in balance there is harmony.
There is always a choice to make.
Which one will it be?
The path of surrender,
Or the one of resistance?
They both lead to the same goal.
The darkness is only the void
That you travel from time to time.
The lightness is the intuition that
Gently guides you from within.
The resistance is to fight the elements.
The surrender is to embrace the flow.
How many falls will you create before
You walk on steady ground?
Which is better for you?
Harmony and freedom,
Or chaos and turmoil?
What about balance and stability?
I am diva and I am deva.
And I can be all that at once.
The choice is yours to make.

The tickets are RM28 for students and RM38 for Adults in the aid of Asthana Arts Young Performing Artist Fund.......also check out your date now...

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